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Shawn Jr
23 min readJun 26, 2020

A living list


This is How We Cope

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We’re not all dealt a fair hand under global capitalism. In a system driven by profit, fairness has taken a back seat. Sharing our struggles and experiences under this system can foster a collective desire for change. A change that is needed today. I created this card game to highlight daily struggles under global capitalism, offer guidance to those in such predicaments, and highlight the need for a more equitable system. Play the game here.


Coping With Capitalism

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I created a medium publication & website, with the goal of building a community that provides clear paths towards self and collective care under capitalism. The publication contains articles that highlight issues found under capitalism, as well as potential societal solutions & paths to cope. The website contains art & design projects that highlight issues found under capitalism, as well as potential solutions. By embracing and promoting a culture of mutual care, we can co-create a more inclusive & supportive world for all.

Personal Website

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I revamped my portfolio back in 2021 to shine light on a few systematic issues that I’ve noticed within the tech/design industry, and my focus to solve societal issues, rather than perpetuate them. I made a few tweaks to the site as I continue my efforts to co-create a better world.

Merchant Web Widgets

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User Problem: Many Merchants struggled to create awareness of their 1p site’s offering of delivery with DoorDash (via Drive), delivery promos, and limited time offers. These Mx didn’t have the time or technical expertise to focus on this growth channel.