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Shawn Jr
21 min readJun 26, 2020

A living list of designs by myself


Coping with Capitalism

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I created a medium publication & website, with the goal of building a community that provides clear paths towards self and collective care under capitalism. The publication contains articles that highlight issues found under capitalism, as well as potential solutions. The website contains art & design projects that highlight issues found under capitalism, as well as potential solutions. Together we can co-create a better world by firstly coping with the oppressive, scarcity mindset that is enforced and abided by within our society.

Personal Website

I revamped my portfolio back in 2021 to shine light on a few systematic issues that I’ve noticed within the tech-design industry, and to highlight my focus of solving societal issues, rather than perpetuating them. I made a few tweaks to the site as I continue my efforts to co-create a better world.


Peer 2 Peer Delivery

User Problem: Currently buyers and sellers experience a lot of friction in the fulfillment phase of re-commerce orders. To understand this friction, we spoke with buyers and sellers to empathize with their experience. The two core methods of fulfillment today are local delivery/pickup or postal delivery. In local delivery, a lot of friction stemmed from safety concerns and convenience pains. 100% of the females that we interviewed expressed reservations to meet with a buyer/seller in their own residence. Many buyers expressed being willing to consider items further out, if they had someone who could bring items to them. For postal delivery, diminishes in savings & quality creates a lot of friction within the fulfillment process. Certain items you can’t properly evaluate such as the smell of a shirt. Many buyers expressed that the benefit of using these marketplaces is that they can get quality…