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present in this moment

6 methods for a peaceful path of existence

a photo of clouds taken from an airplane
a photo of clouds taken from an airplane


I feel like my path towards meditation has been paved with the same bricks that other’s paths, have been paved with. Bricks of pain. The kind of pain that doesn’t let you sleep for weeks straight. The kind of pain that dismisses your appetite and quickly deteriorates your mental and physical states of being. I had a moment of heartbreak around this time last year. That pain was amplified by the fact that I was in my first year of moving to a new city by myself, with my closest of friends…

Reveals the true nature of self

Recognizing the paradox of the world we live in is a fundamental step towards recognizing the paradox of the self that we live in.

There are many clear examples of our world being a paradox. The premise of the law of attraction is rooted in a presence and gratefulness for what you currently have (your present). This, by law, will attract matching high vibrational experiences into your life. How does one truly appreciate what they have while wanting something new? It’s a paradox, but it’s by not wanting something new but by instead, being present. Yea it may suck to…

A 5 step guide

Editor’s Note: The publication assumes that anyone following the author’s advice here will do so in a jurisdiction where psilocybin is not a controlled substance.

I want to start this article with an expression of gratitude for Terrence Mckenna. His many speeches and books on the topic of psilocybin mushrooms have made it possible for myself to understand what this substance is, the history behind it, and how to safely utilize it. …

A necessity in today’s society

I’ve studied and practiced design extensively for years now and yet, I am continuously learning so much about this field, everyday, and am very grateful for the opportunity to do so. I must apologize, when I use the term designer, I am not limiting it to those who have studied or practiced design like myself. At the core of an engineer, product manager, marketing manager & many other job titles, I believe lives a designer.

Like most designers, I’ve found myslef drawn to designs and designers who embody a philosophy similar to that of my…

Insights on life

Editor’s Note: The publication assumes that anyone following the author’s advice here will do so in a jurisdiction where psilocybin is not a controlled substance.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are here, you are meant to be here. It sometimes blows my mind when I think about the journey that I’ve been on with what society calls drugs, but from my perspective, are just natural or herbal medicines. The first time I smoked cannabis I was 21. The first time I took psilocybin mushrooms I was 22. It wasn’t even a year apart. I…

A frequency of truth

I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to experience the full spectrum of emotions that our bodies are capable of feeling. Because of this, I’ve been able to truly understand why it’s important to sit in feelings of gratefulness and appreciation at the beginning of every day. That’s where true happiness lies. When you can disregard everything that society has conditioned us to believe as happiness and define it on your own terms, you’ve experienced true freedom. I’ve also been able to verify that when you stay in this feeling, life will deliver to you more and more of whatever…

Overcome any obstacle in your path

ocean beach
ocean beach

Pain is temporary. Suffering is when we prolong our pain via our thoughts and actions. We don’t have to suffer.

It may feel impossible to do so, especially in moments of intense pain, but I know that even in those moments, it’s possible to stop the suffering of a situation. I’ve done it.

To do this, we must accept these obstacles in life for what they truly are. Fully. Even if we were wronged. Even if we wronged others. We must fully accept the truth of a situation for what it fully is.


You are feeling exactly what you are suppose to be feeling

image of the moon , peeking over a hill
image of the moon , peeking over a hill

Understanding loneliness

That feeling that you are all alone, abandoned even, can send most into a deep depression. A gripping fear that all hope is lost, you are unwanted and always will be. Even lesser versions of this feeling can creep into our bodies at the most unexpected of times. In the most crowded of spaces, with the closest of individuals, loneliness is something that can truly be felt in any environment. At its root, it’s revealing that you are disconnected from who you truly are. There is something that you…

What fear actually is and how to overcome it

image of the trees at lands end
image of the trees at lands end

What is fear ?

Fear is an emotion that is experienced when we encounter a perceived physical, emotional or psychological threat. Fear ultimately wants to protect us from a threat by making us aware of it. It’s a survival technique that kept our ancestors safe from predatory animals, dangerous weather conditions, diseases and even members of their own society. We see these same ancestral fears clearly in the development of children. Separation and stranger anxiety in infants and toddlers. The fear of the dark, monsters and dangerous animals in those early elementary school years. Fear…

How to do it and 3 immediate benefits

a heart building on an early SF morning
a heart building on an early SF morning

Understanding thought

The law of mentalism, the first of the seven universal laws, states that “The all is mind — The universe is mental.” This means that everything is a manifestation of a universal mind. Our own minds, although physically separated in these bodies, are a part of this universal mind. Our individual realities are manifestations of these individual minds. Our thoughts become things. Our perception of an event is how we define it to be. This perception varies based on the observer. Multiple people may witness the same event, at the same time…

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