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Creating love-love-love scenarios

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Why would anyone want to create a love-love-love scenario? Let’s firstly define what this even is.

A love-love-love scenario can be thought of as a win-win-win scenario with a slight twist.

In a love-love-love scenario, the three parties are, the team that builds the product, the people who use the product and the environment.

Love within the team that builds the product.

When allowing love within our team environments, there is no one size fits all approach. Typically, (not all skilled designers are like this) designers who are very skilled and empathetic tend to be very quiet and sensitive. Within business, it’s a common occurrence that the loudest…

Transforming with change

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Coming and going. This has been a recurring theme in these past few weeks.

Here comes depression, and there it goes. Here comes joy, and there it goes. I’ve gotten a few stress induced headaches recently. I used to get these everyday in the college that I went to whose dorms where designed by the same people who designed prisons. I’ve literally surrendered to the pain and observed it. I’ve also observed my reactions to being in pain. It’s a no nonsense sort of observation. If you get caught in being the doer who is experiencing the pain, it only…

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A haiku about my early childhood

mental manifestations

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Our perceptions create a bias towards reality. You, the reader, and I could watch the very same speech and receive completely different messages.

Our perceptions can create projections that we may or may not share with others. Projections of desires, fears, and even ourselves. A projection can be thought of as an outward extension of a mental image. Our mental images of how things should be and what things should matter.

“Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing”- The Tao Te Ching

Which happens first (a projection or a perception) I truthfully do not know. I also do not feel…

Loving yourself and others

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What would you do if you saw a lost child in the middle of a store crying for their mom? Would you stop to help? Would you find a store associate to take care of it? Would you walk by?

A child’s cry for help is such an innocent action. You can hear the purity of the request through the pain of their voice. It can be such an unbearable amount of pain.

How would you look at your flaws if you saw them as the actions of a lost child in pain? Would you punish…

When you look in the mirror, know that you are this.

Photo of a beautiful sky with soft white clouds and a rainbow from the sky going in front of a mountain and a town in the valley.
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Dedicated to the one I love

How many ways can I say I love you? How many ways can I show you love? You’re something like a dream. Even your imperfections sing perfection. Today may be my last day on Earth but I wanted you to never doubt what I am for you. A light. A beam of love. Fizzled into and out of existence simply for the opportunity to gaze into your eyes.

Your presence is bliss.

Our seat at this illusory table is that of love. The kind that is unconditional. The kind that happens once in a…

When life gets rough

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I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions in the past month and a half. Depression, anxiety, peace & joy just to name a few. I’ve been feeling what I feel like are intense versions of each emotion.

Most recently, I found peace on a quiet hiking trail this past saturday morning. Surrounded by trees that felt like a loving grandparent’s hug. I also watched the ocean swallow my belongings later that day. My phone, my wallet, my tote bag, my copy of “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, my sweater, everything in my tote bag, gone. In an instant. …


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Ask & it is given. This seems like a pretty simple universal truth to follow, but it can get quite complex.

Sometimes we are given what we’ve asked for, regardless of whether or not we like it. “Do you want that amazing job and the career that it promises? Give up those close friends of yours who have opposite focuses in life. That’ll get you there.” These friends may have provided you a safe space when you needed it most and vice versa. Their opposite focuses may be what’s best for them and doesn’t signify any love lost between you…

and back into it

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It’s quite the predicament. For something to turn out to be, unexpectedly, something other than what you thought it could be. You may feel tricked! Bamboozled! Taken advantaged of. Thought of as less than.

These are common and expected feelings for this kind of a scenario. Do you remember what it felt like to realize that Santa clause wasn’t real? It can be traumatizing to realize that that which you believed to be true, actually wasn’t. It can be even more traumatizing if you realized that everyone else already knew it too.

What happens when one…

Shawn Jr

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