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Hello 💚

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. It’s interesting to me that I write an about me article, because I am one who prefers not to attach labels to myself. I truthfully do not know who I am. Yes, I am a product designer and have designed products that you may have already used, but to call myself one, is truly too limiting of a title. One could also call me a writer, a producer, an artist, a philosopher, an activist, an environmentalist, spiritual, a dad to a beautiful 9 month old chocolate brown…

It’s truly all ok. A follow up to this article

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It is ok and it always has been. This experience is not suppose to be easy. There is a delicate balance of highs and lows taking place right now. Both are happening for our greatest good. Your struggle is not being ignored. Your pain is not taking place in vain. It’s a guide. Truly, it is a gift. The obstacle is the way. If you want to relieve yourself of your own suffering, confront it head on and watch its true nature reveal itself to you.

If a snake was revealed to actually be a toy snake, is it still…

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A haiku about saying goodbye

A new awareness is available

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Throughout the many ebb and flows of life, it becomes clear that the bad is needed for that which is considered good. It also becomes clear that there is no such thing as bad or good. It’s simply a matter of perspective. When there are 2 individuals, there is always a chance that they may embody different perspectives. One can view the other as a sexual being if they are viewing them from the perspective of their second chakra. Maybe they are someone to have power over or with when peeking through the lens of the third chakra. …

The one who speaks, does not know

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Remember this simple saying when you find yourself at a crossroad in life. With it, you can confidently follow your intuition and live in the Tao, the natural flow of the universe. The path that is ultimately, what is ideal for yourself.

The one who speaks in our individual lives is our egos. It was created to protect ourselves. To preserve ourselves. To showcase to us all that can go wrong so that we could prevent such things from happening. Usually, one can find fear residing at the root of the thoughts from our egos. Fear that some external force…

Try the bliss of being nobody

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Some of us love to play sports & some of us love to watch others play. Some of us love to point out how silly it is that many of us idolize millionaires who, at the end of the day, are just playing with balls. I’m sure there are many more perspectives that one can embody, but the point is this: There is an infinite amount of ways to partake in the many games of life.

Sometimes, it takes becoming somebody for one to realize what a big phony they truly are. My experience…

Freedom from an illusory prison

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Growing up, I feared heights tremendously, yet, I always found myself in a situation of being elevated from the ground. My father was in the military and I would occasionally find myself at the training grounds of Fort Benning, repelling down obstacle courses that privates would use for basic training. I remember being at the top of Kings Dominion’s 300 ft tall Eiffel Tower and being too scared to go the edge of that tower. This fear persisted into high school and even college. I ended a hike to the top of Stone Mountain because it became too steep for…

What game are you playing

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There are many games for our egos to play. Which one are you playing right now? That of an intellectual reader? That of a self who needs to do better at managing how they react to the many ups & downs of life?

It’s ultimately your choice. What you do and don’t do. Others may tell you that you should go to college, but at the end of the day, you are the one who decided to fill out an application & apply to a school. It’s a common socially accepted behavior pattern. To play the role of not knowing…

Rest in your truth

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What’s best for you is what’s best for me. Not literally of course.

What is best for you? What is it that makes you feel loved or heard or appreciated? Do you need that from anyone? Do you need that from me?

Is there something that you can do right now to feel what’s best for you?

Is your boss not recognizing how much work you are actually doing at work? Do you need that source of recognition to feel good about yourself? Yes fears may arise about job security, but do you really doubt your own capabilities to find…

Shawn Jr

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