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present in this moment

here, with you

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Hello 💚

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I am very grateful to be able to share topics that have been on my heart here on Medium.

I write about all that has helped me navigate my individual experience. …

Right now

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Is there really such a thing as having it all in this lifetime? To have it all, doesn’t mean to only have the good, but to also have that which you call bad. Even that which is in between the good and bad. That fuzzy grey space. Literally all.


Discerning between relative and absolute truth

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Take a moment to answer this question.

If you were to introduce yourself to a room full of people, what would you say?

Give yourself a limit of 2–3 sentences and write down the very first thing that comes to mind. …

Living in your balance

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Allowing peace begins when you allow yourself to be with yourself, in all capacities. Allowing that which you enjoy and dislike about yourself to exist without any attachment to either side.

Non attachment is an important practice to practice. Everything in this moment is temporary including the moment itself. How…

Creating love-love-love scenarios

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Why would anyone want to create a love-love-love scenario? Let’s firstly define what this even is.

A love-love-love scenario can be thought of as a win-win-win scenario with a slight twist.

In a love-love-love scenario, the three parties are, the team that builds the product, the people who use the…

Transforming with change

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Coming and going. This has been a recurring theme in these past few weeks.

Here comes depression, and there it goes. Here comes joy, and there it goes. I’ve gotten a few stress induced headaches recently. I used to get these everyday in the college that I went to whose…

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A haiku about my early childhood

mental manifestations

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Our perceptions create a bias towards reality. You, the reader, and I could watch the very same speech and receive completely different messages.

Our perceptions can create projections that we may or may not share with others. Projections of desires, fears, and even ourselves. A projection can be thought of…

Loving yourself and others

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What would you do if you saw a lost child in the middle of a store crying for their mom? Would you stop to help? Would you find a store associate to take care of it? Would you walk by?

A child’s cry for help is…

When you look in the mirror, know that you are this.

Photo of a beautiful sky with soft white clouds and a rainbow from the sky going in front of a mountain and a town in the valley.
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Dedicated to the one I love

How many ways can I say I love you? How many ways can I show you love? You’re something like a dream. Even your imperfections sing perfection. Today may be my last day on Earth but I wanted you to never doubt what I…

Shawn Jr

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